About WMH

Some Hussle for fame, some for money, some Hussle for escape from an average lifestyle – Some of us though, some of us Hussle for a higher purpose – To achieve the hardest goals, overcome the tallest obstacles, and to be an example for the next generation.
We all been brought to this world to fulfill some kind of purpose – We all must find what that purpose is and define it by action; We pursue it with vigilance and excellence. We are the minority – the outliers – the movers and shakers – we make the world spin on it’s axis…so we believe.
Hussle all starts in the mind, a realm of thought that is constantly evolving and adapting to new surroundings and challenges. It’s the force that dwells in your gut, the constant flow of inspiration that catapults you into another dimension of living. It’s that voice that comforts your soul when you are on your last leg and pushes you through that moment of perseverance.
When you’ve conquered the tallest mountains or ascended out the deepest holes, fought the biggest giants and survived the wars, you will know that you are no pushover, no slacker – and you have what it takes. Hussle!
The world is watching you, show us what you got!

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